Evaluating Your Potential Car Wash Business Competition

No matter if you’re looking to buy an being business or make a new bone you simply must know your competition. Before you get too far along in the looking and picking process a methodical exploration of other near locales is in order. First step is to snare a original phone book and see what is listed in the unheroic runners. Be apprehensive, still, that not all auto wetlands will be listed! Secondly get yourself a good original chart and define an area in which you’ll be conducting your exploration. Start out with a roughly ten afar compass to conduct your exploration.

You’ll want to physically visit every position you come through in that area. Visit the big bones, the small bones, the old bones and new bones and everything in- between. Bring along a tablet, a camera and your chart. You’re going to be making notes on the following particulars for each auto marshland you visit. Car washes for sale in Florida

(prints can be handy to have still use caution and common sense. Should you walk around someone’s business snapping filmland of everything? presumably not a good idea. You will probably upset the proprietor and maybe beget a problem. A many filmland taken subtly and fairly are helpful but be smart about it.)

  1. a) Take note of the number of kudos per position and what style they’re (hand marshland, automatic, lair system, surface rollover, etc).
  2. b) What’s the overall appearance of the position? Is it clean? Dirty? Run down? Brand new? inadequately lit? Inviting?
  3. c) Does a position offer other services above and beyond the marshland itself?
  4. d) Are vacuum cleansers handed? What kind? Are they in good shape?
  5. e) Are there dealing machines offering drawing inventories and/ or snacks and soft drinks?
  6. f) Note the pricing of all services including auto marshland choices, vacuum, detailing, hand washing, add on particulars and further.
  7. g) If the business is located next to or with a gas station note if there’s a price break on the auto marshland for buying a certain number of gallons of gas.
  8. h) Note if there’s an attendant, if the proprietor is on point or if the auto marshland is completely unattended. If there are workers on hand what’s their station? Are they affable?
  9. i) Note if there are any services offered to the guests for free similar as drying apkins or an attendant that sprays bus and running boards previous to the marshland, or a little plastic cover for the hinder windshield wiper and so on.
  10. j) Note the physical position of each auto marshland and the pros and cons of each from the guests stand point similar as ease of entry and exit, navigation of the property and so on.
  11. k) Note the number of buses in the mound and the time of day you observed the position.
  12. l) Be sure to actually get your auto washed at a many of these locales as well, especially at any full service locales. Get in there and check’em out!

Take good and harmonious notes on all these locales and really look at the information you collect. Formulate a contender’s price list, a list of the services offered and a list of what really stood out, for good or bad, about each position you visited. All of this information is going to be critical for you when preparing a business plan or an offer to buy.