That’s right, with Damecoins you can buy and make currency transactions with the PayPal payment method. For those who still do not know this great pages I will tell you a little about them and I leave their Link.


They are a very complete platform that allows transactions in many currencies and accept various types of payments, this is really why I come to recommend you, although there is an endless list for which I could recommend Damecoins, this time I have selected the transaction for PayPal which is an excellent opportunity for many and because not all offer this service.


On the page they have a small description of who they are and what they offer;

Welcome to Damecoins! Instantly buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with your card (credit card, debit card and gift card supported), PayPal, Western Union, or international bank transfer (we have bank accounts in the US, UK, Europe and Hong Kong). Kong). Save money and maximize profits with our ultra cheap rates, less than 97% of exchanges, and enjoy one of the richest crypto catalogs on the internet with more than 300 coins available!


One of the best things is that it has a very simple and simple registration, which is quite tedious like other pages. No ID or KYC verification is required for transactions whose value does not exceed 50,000 USD, as we aim to offer the most friendly, secure and anonymous experience possible. You can send your coins to an external wallet or just sell them at any time and withdraw the money to your bank account (depending on your country, it may take up to 1-5 days to reach your bank account). All countries are supported. Additionally, our world-class support team is available via chat and Telegram 24/7 365 days a year to help and guide you when you need it.




There are three simple steps to work with them;


  1. After payment the BTC will be instantly added to your wallet at DameCoins.
  2. You can access your portfolio simply by logging in. You will receive an email with the access data instantly.
  3. You can sell your BTC at any time and deposit the money to your bank account in USD (depending on the country, it may take from 1 to 5 days to reach your bank account).


Some of their characteristics here they describe them


Well, in any case I want to tell you a little more about PayPal transactions, which is the main topic, if you had not heard about Damecoins before, I have left you information that will help you, now well, let’s get down to business with PayPal transactions.

That is the logo of the PayPal platform, below I show you the option that the page has just when you have already selected what type of cryptocurrencies you want to buy, below you have the option to indicate that you want to pay it by this payment method and how you will see the Transactions are protected by various security methods.


The commissions they handle are very low both those offered to pay through PayPal and those of the page in general.


If you have doubts, you can contact the advisors with whom the page counts for any questions and 24-hour service.


You can also contact them through the contact information they leave in their footer.